Park Plaza Mall

Address: 6000 W Markham St
Phone: (501) 664-4956
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Category: Mall
Check Ins: 9827


  • Matthew Hewes

    Watch out!! The escalator shocks you!
  • Eric Lambert

    Build-a-Bear is cool for the little ones.
  • Jason Cooper

    Don't forget to swing by Banana Republic!
  • Melissa Snyder

    Saved a bunch $ with this free Coupon App iphone:, android: Hope you can use it!
  • Rebecca Williams

    Kids all time fav stop off spot is Build A Bear
  • Margie

    Check out Spencer's!!!!
  • Elmer Jackson

    Lots of teenagers around the food court.
  • Cory Corio

    Best aspect of Park Plaza is Banana Republic!!!
  • Marci Simpson

    I love to go park plaza mall to shop
  • Theresa Garrett

    It's really not that big. And it doesn't have a play area for the kids. Not very impressed.
  • TinaMRHS

    Can't sleep, may as well shop!!!
  • Elvira Trevino

    Cool place:-)
  • Indivly Rewards

    We love the selection of stores in this mall. It's a great place for us to pick up some inspiration. Shout out to the staff at Banana Republic!
  • Jorge G.

    Someone need to clean these booths in the food court...eww
  • Mike Weaver

    Love the dippin dots
  • Terrance Griffin

    Great place for clothes, food, etc.
  • Melissa G.

    Mall gift cards make great gifts. They're available for purchase in the management office.
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