Rave Motion Pictures

Address: 18 Colonel Glenn Plaza Dr
Phone: (501) 687-0499
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Category: Multiplex
Check Ins: 9165


  • Keith C

    Theater has the best picture quality in town & lots of leg room.
  • Evan Tanner

    Save $$-- Sneak snacks in using your girlfriend's purse.
  • Sienna Hills

    Tuesday is $5 movies $8 3D movies. Plus hot dog n nacho combo $4
  • JimJam Norris

    $5 dollar movies all day on Tuesdays!
  • BJ Fogleman

    Tuesdays are $5 movie days! Go catch a new flick on the cheap.
  • Jeremy Haggard

    You get a $1.00 discount on your movie ticket if you have a valid student ID, but it's only eligible Monday-Thursday, and only at the ticket counter (not kiosk).
  • Natasha Murray-Norman

    Coming late night or during the day is best to avoid talkers and large crowds.
  • Tracy "TB9612" W.

    Great movie seeing experience.
  • Brenda Hatchett Young

    Love the $5 Tuesdays!
  • Bryan Britt

    Free refill if you get a large popcorn
  • Kenny Downes

    Orange soda is awesome...
  • Ebony Jones

    Don't go with a big group and be late lol
  • Delois Razor

    Great movie. Nice theater
  • Elizabeth Balsamo

    This place is the cleanest theater ever. Plus some rooms have leather seats
  • Donna L

    See Hugo 3-D. It is wonderful!
  • Matthew Mason

    Sweet, high school, or college, or both? (and if college, does it have to be in-state?)
  • Rene Ross

    Guardians of the Galaxy
  • Neil Swartz

    Great seats, great sound, great. 3-D movie
  • Cori Linville

    Get the kettle corn!
  • Kyle Mennenga

    Love this theater!!
  • Guzman

    It was great ..!!!
  • Benjamin Prousnitzer

    Rave cinemas is now cinemark
  • Victor Martinez

    I like this movie theater!!!
  • Tosha B

    Heads up! You now have to pay for your 1 year old to watch a movie. Very ridiculous.
  • Trish Poore

    $5 tickets every day before noon !
  • Greg Eller

    Don't buy a small drink for $4.25
  • CenationFan84

    They sure do bust heads on their snacks and drinks.
  • Brittaney R

    Awesome! Had a great time with my love!!
  • Amy Musser

    Slow workers at the snack counter.
  • Sarah Davidson

    They have military discounts here
  • Tammy Felton Shaw

    Release the Kraken!
  • Mark Davidson

    Best theater in town.
  • Tonja R

    Come early because the concession stand is really slow!
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