Clinton National Airport (LIT)

Address: 1 Airport Rd
Phone: (501) 372-3439
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Category: Airport
Check Ins: 42468


  • Citizen Sojack

    Free Wireless! WhooHoo!
  • Amy Bradley-Hole

    Fly Southwest. Don't fly United.
  • Harley W.

    Security is normally really fast. However, add about 5 mins if leaving early on a Monday; lots if business travelers.
  • Jason Skurcenski

    Don't check your bags into Little Rock unless you like standing around waiting for 35 minutes after you land.
  • Lauren Martina

    You HAVE to go see Tony at the bar! He rocks!!!!
  • Elizabeth Aymond

    Don't ever expect any quickness in regards to getting your bags after you land. It's pathetic.
  • Scott Shellabarger

    Drink heavily
  • Phil Suh

    Eat at whole hog cafe after security, and grab a pulled pork sandwich, topped with cole slaw, and your choice of bbq sauce!
  • Brett Hooton

    After all this construction to revamp security, it is now slower than ever.
  • Markus T

    Use the free wifi, hastle free.
  • Keith K

    United is by far the worst airline ever.
  • Elijah Blackburn

    Take out your flipping laptops and liquids! And don't wear OVERALLS to fly.
  • Kevin Knight

    Rental car places are not so reliable. And guess what, it doesn't matter who u use, they are all just ok.
  • David Hudson

    Don't go to the Cafe at gate 3. Walk about 50 steps further to a Starbucks that actually sells coffee instead of coffee flavored water.
  • Jay Staggs

    Have your ID ready BEFORE you approach security!
  • Justin S

    Remember, enterprise sucks. Hertz is cheaper and better. Just sayin.
  • Bryan Jones

    Alright, y'all, the Peanut Parking Lot is just as close as anything & only $8 a day.
  • Jason Cooper

    @Bill F: Haters gonna hate. Bill and Hillary are forces to be reckoned with and I'm proud they're from Arkansas. I still believe in a place called Hope.
  • Warren Gatrel

    Always fly Southwest, when possible. They are always friendly, seem to enjoy their jobs, and actually seem happy to have you as a customer!
  • Jay F

    Great small airport
  • Robert Balentine

    United has the worst baggage service ever.
  • Michael H.

    At the airport! Off we go...
  • Renee Robison

    Beautiful airport facility now that renovations complete! Allegiant Air providing direct flights to Orlando!
  • Melissa Lawson Thompson

    Beautiful new ticketing area.
  • Bill Fleck

    Please rename this airport.
  • angela schuster

    Free Wi-Fi & Whole Hog!!! Try the potato salad, nom!!!
  • Willie Abrams

    There is an unmarked outpost of Whole Hog BBQ next to Pizza Hut.
  • Willie Abrams

    TSA now irradiates people at security.
  • J Michael Hoehn

    The good: great bookstore, great restaurant past security, free WiFi; the bad: slow security, food, bars close early and on Sunday; the ugly: grumpy unprofessional staff and slowest baggage claim ever
  • Miranda Atkinson

    Better hope your flight isn't delayed too late here - the Starbucks and the sandwich shop just shut down at 6:30pm!
  • Taylor Rockefeller

    Fly southwest and use curbside check in. Get there at least an hour before sched. time becuase security line can take a really long time especially for such a small airport.
  • Renee Robison

    Love the folks at Southwest! Renovations looking good!
  • Jeffrey

    Apparently you can't have more than 5 bags on the carousel at any one time.
  • Ben Johnson

    10:30am on a Thursday. 10 minutes to get completely through security. Nice job guys!
  • Mallory Klinka

    Yes, security is VERY slow!
  • I3 I2 /\ [)

    Wtf? When was this airport re-named to Bill and Hillary?
  • John

    For you first time flyers, don't wear a hunting jacket through security, gunpowder shows up if they swipe it.
  • Jake Smith

    The drop off area is conveniently equipped with parking meters. This makes drop off very easy, even during busy times.
  • Eric Carlson

    This is by far the least efficient airport in America. Get there early.
  • Mark Lyerly

    Why does it take longer to get through security here than atlanta? Come on little rock :(
  • Tommy Williams

    Be sure while you're here to ask to watch the executive director's 60 inch 3d tv
  • Wade Carter

    Avoid flying American Eagle from Little Rock. I am delayed about 90% of the time when I fly them.
  • coty Mathews

    Use The Valet Located in Front of terminal Is a Great Service!!!
  • Rachel Prichard

    Fly SWA they are the best
  • AJ Parker

    Sit back and enjoy that musak bro
  • Eileen Cotter

    Just re-named after the dashingly handsome ex-president last Friday!
  • Cargo Greyrye

    I feel dirty just being in an airport named after Bill and Hillary.
  • Ben Johnson

    9am on a Monday, walked right up to the TSA agent. No wait.
  • Scott Borgmier

    These people don't understand the concept of keeping a line moving. It's not hard. Don't be dumb LIT
  • Paul Horn

    Very slow security. Get here at least 2 hours before your flight, and if its around 7am, 2.5 hours before it. They will not hurry up the process to get people on their flight.
  • Clinton Browning

    If the security line looks backed up. Its ok. It moves pretty quickly.
  • Ed Griffin

    Bring your patience, you'll need it. This is one of the slowest low volume airports I've seen.
  • John Hall

    Wifi and the bathrooms are the only things that are free
  • Big D.

    This airport has FREE wifi throughout the terminal!
  • Michael Golleher

    Fly US Airways and Frontier, they are both amazing in service and speed.
  • cyndi masters

    You only need to be here 30 to 45 minutes prior to departure
  • AJ Parker

    Add a shot to your beer for cheap at the bar. Then pick up six magazines, get the 7th free.
  • Casey Munck

    Nostalgia city when you deboard and see the ad for Unique Furniture in downtown Jacksonville. Mia is the kid who pops out of the vase.
  • Kerry Crawford

    Pro-tip: Security closes at 8 p.m.
  • Jordan Craig

    From the car to the gate in under 11 minutes without checking luggage of course.
  • Brett Kennedy

    Be sure to not check your bag. Baggage claim is a joke!! Plane landed 13 min early. Have been waiting for bags for over 1 hour
  • T K

    If you're flying American be prepared to be delayed. It happens more often than not at LIT.
  • Jason Davis

    If wearing a Cobalt ring by Scott Kay - take it off or you will be selected for "additional screening"
  • Rockin Rubes

    Staff is very inefficient...except for the parking meter police...they are Facists!
  • Jeremy Kell

    American eagel is always late. Not one flight on time tonight.
  • Maxwell H.

    "Bookstores in an airport" is what I meant to say.
  • Maxwell H.

    Honestly one of THE BEST airports in a bookstore period. What other airport on earth stocks copies of "Gravity's Rainbow"????
  • Charles Prescott

    Small but with all the normal tsa annoyances.
  • Doug McCullough

    Nice Airport. Never spend more than 5 min getting thru security. Friendly staff.
  • Geoff Ryken

    Save a bit of time when leaving the airport and pay for your parking before leaving the terminal. There are automated kiosks in baggage claim and by the escalator that goes to the parking deck.
  • Teresa Roebuck

    I'm here a lot...quick, polite WiFi. Clean and recently remodeled.
  • Duane Crockett

    One of the best airports I been to.
  • Lisa L

    This airport has more electrical outlets than i have ever seen!!!! Thank you Little Rock for keeping us plugged in
  • Elizabeth Aymond

    They talk about getting your bags to you faster. Don't believe it. Airports 5 times this size get baggage to customers faster.
  • Michele Dowis

    Not an efficient airport for car rental!
  • Curtis Walker

    Fly from here instead of memohis and save
  • Brooke Wallace

    The meters are terrible. Really? .25 gets you 5 minutes only?
  • Barbara South-Stokes

    Just opened the Pre TSA lane. Awesome!!!!
  • Amanda T

    Gate numbers are wrong on the monitors and they don't correctly label destinations at the gates.'re on your own!
  • ZCT

    Another painfully slow check in at United.
  • K2 Patel

    Don't rush
  • Peggy Lee

    Bill and Hillary should be ashamed to have their name on this airport. Rude, incompetent, uncaring staff here
  • Martin Tucker

    Alert: parking meters don't give full time in short term surface parking. Cop is standing watch with ticket book; $15
  • Julianne Casey

    Always fly Southwest!!
  • Kay Anderson

    Baggage claim is awful. Been on ground for 1/2 hour and they don't have a clue yet which claim carousel it will arrive at
  • JaSprie Mickens

    Slow...arrive early
  • Jeffrey Johnson

    If you ever think it's a good idea to fly Allegiant... It's not.
  • Andrea Roberts

    Not much to eat there. So eat before you get there.
  • The Notorious B.N.H

    It's hot, sweaty and nasty here. Must be a summer thing
  • Ken Case

    Stay away from the Burger King. Slowest people on the planet.
  • Manfred Soto

    Free WiFi!
  • Kathy Simpson

    Went quickly at 6 AM for me!
  • Dean Suhr

    Hey Simon - what's this? You've never made it to Hillary and Bill Clinton International airport?
  • Brittany Griganavicius

    Make sure you still arrive 2 hours early! The security line here was worse than the one at O'Hare airport in Chicago.
  • Danny York

    Small town airport. Keep your expectations low
  • Francisca Vsquez

    Nice and small, they provide free wifi. The bad thing, it doesn't say arrivals or departures like other airports so, if you're not familiar with airports you'd never know that ticketing=arrivals
  • Chris G

    Everything in this airport closes early. sucks if you have a late flight.
  • ??Chris??

    This is the only airport where the TSA has ever felt the need to touch my junk.
  • Gregory Hawk

    Under construction 1/2013 Bill and Hillary Clinton nowhere to be found!
  • Brian Hinson

    Renovations make this airport almost unnavigable. Plus the fact they keep saying "Welcome to Bill and Hillary Clinton Airport" makes this location worth forgetting!
  • Robby Day

    Show some appreciation to the TSA team!
  • Scott Byerly

    Security here closes at 8pm. Better not have a delayed flight and plan on arriving late. They don't Keep it open!
  • E-go Thomas

    Baggage claim takes forever!
  • Z Koelzer

    This is the worst Airport I've ever been in, two hours to check bags then two hours plane delay. Can't wait to get out of here
  • Thomas E Redd Jr

    Free WiFi available.
  • Telcel Oficial

    Bienvenido a Little Rock! Ahorra mientras disfrutas de la ciudad con el Paquete Viajero Internacional Telcel. Marca *500 o visita para ms informacin.
  • Andy Pahwa

    SkyPriority and SW FlyBy lanes recently implemented to expedite Frequent Flyers through Security. Take Adavntage!
  • Jenn Capps

    Free airport wireless!!! <3
  • Jon Vaccaro

    Scanners dont work for boarding passes on a phone.
  • I3 I2 /\ [)

    Most RIDICULOUS airport name ever...who ever approved the change should be fired! AR is better than only one claim to "fame". FAIL
  • Scott Skiles

    Welcome to the Hill_Billy National Airport!
  • John Hall

    Get a table in the front window for the best people watching in the city.
  • Nathan Gastineau

    Free wifi is nice. Security only took 5 minutes on a Monday. Not bad.
  • Alan Gibson

    Wireless is very slow and no soap I'm the gate 12 area rest rooms
  • Dale S

    They have updated security now and are still fresh on it. Plan ahead accordingly.
  • DataLube Systems

    Beautiful holiday decorations ... but it's the early morning coffee I love!
  • Nici

    Worst Wi-Fi EVER!!!!
  • Ryan Dolan

    American Airlines' counter agents have to be the rudest people in earth.
  • Fay Lawrence

    $1 massage chairs for 3min massage a definite treat!
  • John Wilson

    The bathrooms here are gross.
  • Dan Cox

    Very long security line for such a small airport!
  • Joseph Messina

    The TSA line amazes me how long and slow it always is.
  • Stacyann

    Security is under construction but still only takes about 5 minutes on busy Thursday afternoons.
  • Steven Romero

    Free wi-fi!
  • Evan[Bu]

    Starbucks before AND after security.
  • Evan[Bu]

    Take full advantage of the complimentary hand sanitizer in the restrooms.
  • Coach Korn

    Free wifi in little rock airport
  • Jessica S

    Thrifty car rental blows chunks! P.S. Peanut Parking rules!
  • Rebecca Denison

    Don't try to eat at the Quiznos/Pizza Hut/Burger King (at least on Sunday). Service is terrible and your food will take forever.
  • Sean S

    Little rock is an armpit
  • Mark Lyerly

    Arrive at least 1+30 early if flying American early in the AM.
  • Bryan See

    Beware if you are flying Vision Airlines!!!
  • Tony Cerise

    Extremwly inexperuenced travelers ib security and must be the place where the bottom of the class in TSA school is assigned. Extremely inefficient on a slow day.
  • Alex Frederick

    Check in online then all you have to do is print your boarding pass. Very quick :-) more time to enjoy Starbucks! :-D
  • Mike Egan

    A lot of good it does to provide free wi-fi if you can't log in. I have been trying now for 30 minutes.
  • Geoff Ryken

    When picking somebody up here, you can park just across the drive from baggage claim or the check-in area for up to 30 minutes for somewhere around $1.50 in a parking meter.
  • Rob Menteer

    TSA is very slow here. Give yoursef plenty of time when you depart.
  • Kristi Mccaig

    When asked if your bag is unlocked, the response should be (appropriately) yes or no - not the name of some random city, airline, or trick you slept with. Kthnxbai
  • Kristi Poyer

    Forget Alamo! Very slow check in and the walk from where they have u drop off ur car to the terminal is a haul... Tough to do in heels and luggage.
  • Alvie Taylor

    Free wifi and late planes.. rental car people suck.
  • Rodger Smith

    Love the band playing near the baggage claim...good ol boys.
  • Shane

    Free WiFi and a Starbucks? Am I dreaming...
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