Sam's Club

Address: 900 S Bowman Rd
Phone: (501) 227-7119
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Category: Warehouse Store
Check Ins: 3378


  • Bryan Britt

    Have a large hot dog and large soda for about $2. Best deal in town.
  • AT&T

    You can stay connected while you shop at this Sams Club. AT&T Wi-Fi is available for Sams Club members.
  • Brittany Hightower

    Get a pizza slice combo for 2.48. It's two huge slices of delicious pizza and a lg drink. Pretty hard to beat!
  • Joe

    you can not beat the meal combo prices at Sam's. Also a whole large pizza with everything $8.48.
  • Sylvia Ramey

    Brace yourselves for a long line for Member Services.
  • Justin P

    The weekends are great for snacking.
  • Gene Hand

    Beware!!! Their Systems are down!! Only Cash or Check!! Lines are 12 deep on each register and no communication from anyone about this issue!! Management here Sucks!!
  • Connor

    This is the shittiest SAMs in Arkansas. Go anywhere else! Horrible slow service if you can find it
  • Howard Bailey

    Have a slice or get a whole pizza
  • Jekka Garcia

    DO NOT buy your beef here. premium steaks look orange and are sticky. When complained to manager he came out with a snapback on and was rude. Very unprofessional.
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