Whole Foods Market

Address: 10700 N Rodney Parham Rd
Phone: (501) 312-2326
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Category: Grocery Store
Check Ins: 3273


  • MarieClaire

    The Whole Foods beauty chain makes it easy to be green. Anything stamped with its new Premium Body Care seal is free of artificial fragrance and parabens.
  • Christie Ison

    Stop by for lunch and get the sushi. Arguably best in town, made fresh.
  • Laine M

    Best salad bar in town, always fresh!
  • Leah Patterson

    Mango colada smoothie w spirulina is the bomb :)
  • Tammy

    Love the lentil burgers, huge and great taste!
  • Leah Patterson

    Check out Etniq Mineral Cosmetics in the whole body dept..awesome mineral makeup!
  • Ashley Nicole Brown-Weaver

    The best hot soup bar around. The butternut crab bisque is insane!
  • Andy Lewis

    Grill outside every weekend. Amazing hot dogs.
  • Byron Taylor

    If you can deal with the high prices and overall feeling of superiority everyone in the store exudes, it's a great place for fresh and organic foods and Tom's shoes.
  • Courtney Bennett

    You are dumb for making this.
  • Ken

    Saturday and Sunday grilling is the best. The $2 hot dogs are a criminally good.
  • Dianne Hocut

    Apples are in season...
  • Deborah Chambellan

    They have the best salad bar!! Yummo!!
  • Heather Nabers

    The vegan chocolate chip cookies are my favorite cookies ever. And this is coming from someone who is most definitely NOT a vegan!
  • Heather Nabers

    Two words: marinated tomatoes. Stop by the olive bar and get yourself some of these. Your tomato eating days will never be the same!
  • Sore No More Natural Pain Relieving Gels

    @SoreNoMore Natural Pain Relieving Gels are available here! Pick up a jar OR two.
  • Tim Harrington

    Live music on Friday nights.
  • Kira Marlin

    Adore the organic raspberries as well as the selection of plums, apricots, pluots, and peaches!
  • Jack Medford

    Just had my mind blowed by the shrimp tempura sushi.
  • Sebastian

    Try the wheat Grass shot!
  • Desiree Gullett

    Best cookies ever!!!!
  • Kendra West

    Bought hummus there today, got home and it was over 2 weeks expired!
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