Address: 420 S University Ave
Phone: (501) 801-3412
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Category: Department Store
Check Ins: 5398


  • Micki Sanders

    NEVER enough registers open!!!
  • Nick Huffman

    One buggy per person please! LMFAO if you see a guy with stars on arms he is a yard.
  • Meredith Roberts

    Try the produce. It's so fresh!
  • Sydney Frames

    Cashiers don't know the coupon policy. They lie on the phone. Managers make up restrictions on sales that aren't true. Also, a cashier just "accidentally" added another guest's $135 order to MY card!
  • Britany Simmons

    Registry attempt number two. There is a fair chance their registry guns won't be charged. Super annoying.
  • Julie Marie

    Don't go. Horrible employees
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: Target is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States, behind Walmart.
  • Sydney Frames

    EXTREMELY rude cashiers. My Cartwheel didn't scan right, and the girl just shrugged and said that was Cartwheel, not her. The entire store needs a MASSIVE attitude adjustment.
  • Andy Lewis

    Don't ever expect to find what you're looking for. Or to get help finding it. Worst. Target. Ever.
  • Dana Mofield

    Bathrooms were disgusting.
  • John Shell

    They have an excellent electronics department.
  • Becci Broadbent

    People don't know what those cart parks are for!
  • Sylvia Ramey

    They're getting better but they're always out of stock on the things I need. For a high traffic store you'd think they would keep up.
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