Address: 16105 Chenal Pkwy, Ste B
Phone: (501) 217-7910
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Category: Supermarket
Check Ins: 4937


  • Kim Coryat

    Best place to sample cheese in the city.
  • Byron Thomas

    Use your Kroger card for 3 cents off per gallon.
  • Alicia Jones

    Best place to get fresh produce and flowers!!!
  • Fawn Rechkemmer

    You'll get a 3 cent credit at the register for each reusable shopping bag you bring and use.
  • Thomas Vault

    The new MarketPlace is HUGE!!!
  • Tatiana Han

    Huge 118,000 square foot Kroger. Service is below par but the produce, etc. is fresh. Can't compare with the dying ingredients in Heights Kroger.
  • Shawn Fitness

    Great fresh breakfast in the Deli. Better than fast food!!! It's food fast!!!
  • Shawn Fitness

    Free WIFI and you don't need a password. Just go to your browser and hit I AGREE
  • Justin P

    Watch out for biddies in the parking lot. They don't watch where they are going.
  • AJ Parker

    I love the Mediterranean bar. Try the olive tapenade and hummus on some sliced bread from the bakery.
  • Alice Taylor

    I just love this place. Really good deals
  • John

    Pharmacy is not very organized. Don't tell me 20 minutes when it takes an hour.
  • Jeff Yant

    Great store, pharmacy not so much.
  • Mike King

    They put some milk up front so you don't have to trek to the other side of the giant!
  • Tim Walsworth

    Free Wi-Fi!
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