Apple Store, The Promenade at Chenal

Address: 17711 Chenal Parkway
Phone: (501) 821-5130
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Category: Electronics Store
Check Ins: 3975


  • Drew Tyer

    Ethan is the dreamiest genius EVER!!!
  • macnews

    Apple Store The Promenade at Chenal, i've been here!
  • Dennis Horn

    Opening the end of August 2011
  • Zak Holder

    Remember to make a reservation if you need a device serviced! Do it online at
  • Ethan Moore

    Get a One-to-One Membership!
  • Sylvia Ramey

    I like the variety of cases and laptop bags. Especially the designer lines.
  • Rob Young

    Always get a receipt of your dropoff. And bring it in when you pick up your repair. Period.
  • Chase Rackley

    Purchasing the iPad2 and buying only ebookz will end up saving you a cumulative $1k over textbook prices overall if bought Freshman year :)
  • Rob Young

    Apparently dogs are allowed inside! How awesome is that?
  • James Snow

    This store sucks waited twenty minutes and was not waited on
  • Daniel

    Ask for a member of the business team if you're a business customer! They can make your life easier and all of your wildest dreams come true!
  • Jason Michael

    Ask for shaun he will help you... He is really nice and cool :)
  • Justin Bates

    Ask if they have the new Android.
  • Ryan Parker

    You will feel euphoric
  • Dan Long

    Store R286
  • Mauren Kennedy

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