Baptist Health Medical Center

Address: 9601 Interstate 630
Phone: (501) 202-2000
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Category: Hospital
Check Ins: 5344


  • Warren Gatrel

    The free WiFi sucks!
  • Lisa

    Great staff from the housekeeping workers to social workers, nurses, and physicians. Everyone was so sweet to my dad and made his stay there more pleasant. =]
  • Alison Melder

    The gift shop closes at 6:30.. I missed it by 15 min. :(
  • Anthony Grant

    Dr Rowan saved my mothers life!
  • Rhonda Broege

    Be nice to your nurse! Especially if your nurse is ME!!
  • Chris Robinson

    Dr. Rowen is a nut......but good!
  • Chiquita Briscoe

    Love the free wi-fi!! No problems with it!!!!
  • Chiquita Briscoe

    Nurses ICU south on 1st took such good care of me and helped save my life!!!
  • Tracy "TB9612" W.

    Don't upset the patients.
  • Kathleen OShea

    Fran Zola in pre-op is a sweetheart. She sensed my husband's nervousness and used the right amount of humor to get him over it.
  • Kay Webb-Jackson

    Awesome Staff and Care at This Facility!
  • Sarah Hedlund

    The nurses in the pediatric floor are amazing. Thanks for taking care of my son!
  • Daniel

    Dr. Rowan saved my dads life on Tuesday. What a testament to that guy.
  • Billy Burns

    The nursing staff in ICU and on the 6th floor are wonderful!!!!!!
  • Jessica Jo

    Bella Baby photography is in the house! Bring a cute blanket to swaddle the baby in and bring a dark top to wear during the day of your shoot if you'd like to be photographed with your new arrival!
  • Justin S

    Go sit in the corner.
  • Phyllis Redmon

    Nice and clean atmosphere, the doctor made me feel comfortable
  • Kay Webb-Jackson

    BHRI Is the place to go if you need therapy :-)
  • Sara Gilbert

    The ER was fast and got right to the problem and helped get husband comfortable without having to beg for anything. Very fast and friendly service
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