Big Dam Bridge

Address: 7600 Rebsamen Park Rd
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Category: Bridge
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  • Jason Cooper

    Don't forget your dog!
  • James Parrish

    Good place to take a run or a bike ride. Part of the river trail system that runs for miles and miles through Little Rock and North Little Rock.
  • BJ Fogleman

    An amazing span connecting to chunks of the River Trail. Great views of the river and a nice little stress-free work out built right in.
  • Loryn Smith

    I love the lights at night! <3
  • Jim Jones

    Don't jump...
  • John Russell

    The view is awesome at sunset!!
  • Eli Falcon

    Pick up your dog shit.
  • Shawn Fitness

    Since you are here, you should take a stroll over to Two Rivers Bridge.
  • Robert Balentine

    Walkers: you DO NOT have the right-of-way. Keep your children close and listen for biker calls!
  • Boyd Huff

    I was on the big dam bridge just like Sean Symons lol
  • Patrice Moody

    Watch out for deer they are often on the trail
  • EJ-Jeremiah Oldner

    PLEASE pick up your dog's poop. Inconsiderate people ruin outdoor space. Why????
  • Susan

    Great Labor Day bike ride with Michelle.
  • Candace F.

    Take a walk/bike ride over the river. Go at night to enjoy the lights! Also, there's a great view of Pinnacle Mountain in the distance. Bring your camera, the sunset is beautiful from here.
  • Eimbo

    Great views!
  • Jeremy Griffith

    This bridge is brutal
  • Katia

    If you finish your run around 10:15, you can cool off under the sprinklers!
  • Julie Mannon

    Keep a look out for occasional bobcats on the south/wooded side of the Little Rock side of the bridge. I've seen them twice now. Such an odd spot to spy wildlife!
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