Flying Saucer

Address: 323 President Clinton Ave
Phone: (501) 372-8032
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Category: Pub
Check Ins: 9248


  • Bryan Jones

    The wifi password = beerknurd
  • Colin Alsheimer

    order a hot pretzel. just do it.
  • Don Gaines

    Darts are acquired by using your license as collateral at the bar. Waitresses will attain quarters for the pool which is $1 game.
  • Brittney McClafferty

    You should drink something.
  • Don Gaines

    Great food to go along with hundreds of beers so don't count it out in the eating realm.
  • Marcus Fisher

    Don' t count out shots! Saucer has liqour abd mixed drinks as well...
  • Brittney McClafferty

    There is a daily fire sale (a $3 pint) and on Mondays nearly every beer on the wall is $3.Do yourself a favor and eat a pretzel. Also......tip your server :)
  • Amy Bradley-Hole

    The soft pretzel was yum. It was made slightly saltier, however, by the tears I shed over the lack of Kronenbourg.
  • Taylor DeCastro

    Try the beer.
  • Doug Smith

    If you are a ufo member, frequently drinking beer and earning a plate, there is never a cover charge
  • Jay Williams

    Get the Avery IPA.
  • Captain Limousines

    the ambassadors of fine ale. hard not find a favorite brew on draught. great food too.
  • Holly Yama

    Weihenstephaner kristall-weissbier. The w's are pronounced as v's and junk. It's good.
  • Brian Hughey

    Check out their daily specials. There is always something going on. My favorite night is Wednesday. Get the featured beer and take home a pint glass.
  • Tatum Vayavananda

    Wall of taps!!!!!
  • BJ Fogleman

    The pretzels are awesome, especially when paired when any of the available brews! Seasonals are always a good way to experience a new beer.
  • Doug Smith

    If you are a ufo memeber you can search beers by name easier than by beers you have not tasted
  • Mikey Cruz

    The door man can eat kimchi for hours
  • Jason Cooper

    The wifi password is "beerknurd." For a smoke free environment, try Big Whiskey.
  • Alan Kennedy

    drink another La Fin Du Monde
  • Robert Balentine

    If you are a UFO member on a budget, get the fire sale beers, they're cheaper and only rarely repeat. Can get some more expensive pints that way.
  • James Cannon

    Double chocolate beer
  • Tallulah Clark

    Beer Cheese soup in a bread bowl. Nom. nom. nom.
  • Aaron Van Son

    is it weird that I come to a place known for it's massive beer selection excited about a bloody mary? They're way better than I would have expected from a beer emporium.
  • Rich Swain

    Great specials. Lots of selection
  • Ally Douglass

    I take everyone who visits town here. And they love it!! :)
  • Matt Marias

    Beer, food, and the environment is great!!! The servers are nice too.
  • Robert Mckim

    Beer brats!!! Try em, you won't be disappointed!!
  • Johnna Hjersman

    Two words: Soft pretzels.
  • Justin Bates

    Get you the Brat-On-a-Bun and a Spaten and relax!
  • Timur Karaman

    Bira eh, yemek les :( bu kadar yag be tuz! Pifft...
  • Jone Moen

    The Guinness
  • Brent Gatewood

    I enjoy. Great beer selection, good pizza. Always a good place to hang.
  • Karen

    The pizza I ordered was really good. Of course, the beer selection was great. This beer nerd was happy!
  • Tommy Lanier

    Great craft beer and awesome service.
  • Michael Barrows

    This place is great!
  • Roger Ma

    Great selection of craft brews!!
  • Amanda Dolan

    You must get the pretzels and Monday is Pint Night ($3.50 pints)
  • Andy Geswein

    The chili is spicy but great
  • Kev W

    Best beer list in Little Rock. A whole wall of taps and 3+ pages of bottled beers. Great service.
  • Justin Keller

    Mucho hoppo = bueno
  • Bob Van Haaren

    This is the place where me and the crew come to lay it out!! :) DJ Peace
  • Trey Noland

    Goose Island Honkers was fantastic. Not too light, not too dark, just the right amount of hops.
  • Andy Lewis

    3 reasons The Saucer will improve your Mondays: 1) Most Pints $3; 2) Double Punch Lunch Card; 3) Buffalo Chicken Wraps; Bonus 4) Jeremy (the bartender) kicks ass
  • Terry Brown

    The best beers and the worse. All is good though.
  • Manus Holding Inc

    The soft pretzel was yum with a beer
  • TracyJ

    What's THAT?
  • Craig Kessler

    Great variety of beers
  • Taylor DeCastro

    I recommend the beer. It's quite tasty.
  • Rebecca Williams

    Love to kick it in the basement while watching tv.
  • Chris Boyschou

    Get the Ruben esque
  • Gregory Mills

    Stopped in last year, was great! This time service was rude! Stephanie must have been having a bad day, left after one round.
  • Lori Ewald

    The spicy cheese soup was amazing. My only complaint is I wish there'd been more of it!
  • Robert Barber-Delach

    They tend to run out of Brats on Mondays due to shipments coming in on Tuesdays.
  • Marquita Rogers

    Order a pretzel!! Don't ask why just do it now!
  • Jackie K

    Beer cheese soup is yummy!
  • GW Scott

    Ask for the fire sale beers. They're $3 a pint. Sit in the front room to people-watch.
  • lincoln crum

    Spicy mustard for the pretzels appetizer is amazing! For amazing videos check out
  • melanie magatelli

    The local ale was great. Take a pass on the food. Worst pub food ever, such a shame as it's a nice place & pleasant waitstaff.
  • Christopher Smith

    What a cool place...and then I learn it is a chain :(
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