Address: 923 W 7th St
Phone: (501) 375-8466
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Category: Brewery
Check Ins: 3451


  • David Summers

    Get the Calzone. It is the best I have ever had!The live music is great too.
  • Maggie McKinney

    Calzone take me away
  • Ryker Horn

    Yo. It's my birthday.
  • Brian Youngblood

    Imperial IPA > Sex
  • Loryn Smith

    Lazy boy ftw!
  • Mark Wilson

    Great brew made onsite. A must-taste for any beer lover.
  • BJ Fogleman

    Calzones are awesome, and you can get a growler to-go of your favorite Vino's brew for just under $10!
  • Don Gaines

    Bring in a bag of Daiya vegan cheese and they'll use it for your pizza!
  • Chris Kramolis

    Pinnacle IPA. Get a growler, comes in handy on Sundays.
  • Andrew Klein

    This place is super HIP. PIES are some of the best pizza you'll find in little rock
  • Michael Juiliano

    Try the Muffuletta Pizza - #awesome
  • Melissa Baggett

    Get the Original will get this no where else! Great!
  • Mark Hooper

    Kevin C, the beer I am drinking right now is "ICE ICE BABY" COLD!!!
  • David Hill

    I saw Green Day play here.
  • Per Jacobson

    Good food...even if the General Manager is a real Mufalettahole.
  • Jeff T

    Calzone was excellent.
  • loran jonak

    Muffuletta pizza is delicious. They have several of their house brews on tap but many standards if you'd prefer- although I don't know why you would.
  • Melissa Melton

    Even in December, the patio with a pitcher of cream ale and a slice of special is where it's at.
  • Stella Bizarre

    Good pizza, great beer.
  • Tedy Blessed

    Great place for lunch. The Lunch special
  • Nate The Great

    Always go house brew
  • Will Parsley

    Kai and James are the bomb. Ask Josiah about beer, and you won't be disappoint.
  • Rebecca Williams

    Such great shows
  • Jeanne-Marie Meyer

    Can't beat the lunch special... So good!
  • Rick Lozano

    Pizza Margherita is great.
  • Kevin Clark

    The warmest beer in town.
  • Joe Roitz

    F***ing slow service. 40 mins wait for a slice of pizza? Come on.
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