Flying Fish

Address: 511 President Clinton Ave
Phone: (501) 375-3474
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Category: Seafood Restaurant
Check Ins: 3813


  • Wade Austin

    Try the fish tacos.
  • John Belen

    Oh my goodness! The grilled Zucchini and squash are good!
  • Eli Falcon

    Fish Tacos! Make 'em "Snappy". And ask for a side of "Snappy" seasoning if you get fries. Mix it with a side of ketchup. So good.
  • Jeremy Haggard

    Overrated and definitely overpriced. Much better food downtown for your dollar at Dizzy's or Boscos.
  • Bryan Jones

    Try the Hula Poppers - Shrimp-stuffed jalepeos wrapped in bacon.
  • Ebony Jones

    Make it snappy
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: Any customer who donates a Billy Bass receives a free basket of catfish.
  • Manda Falk

    You have to try the fish tacos! They are amazing!
  • Justin Bates

    Regardless of your order, make it "snappy." Pop POP!
  • J L

    Tilapia fish tacos are yummy! Funky atmosphere, great food...
  • Wade Carter

    Get the salmon!
  • Marcus Hosford

    Always make it snappy!
  • Spenser_b

    Try the fish
  • Lakeisha "ClassyShopper" Dulin

    This catfish is blessed, so good!
  • Su-Lauren Wilson

    Always make it snappy, unless you forget!
  • Michael Grimaldi

    Get the snappy snappy. Just hot enough, and oh so good.
  • Robert Balentine

    I can't believe someone suggested Bosco's or Dizzy's over here. Easily the best catfish in town.
  • Jer M

    5 dollar margs are tiny! Upsize for a couple bucks for twice the size.
  • Dianne Hocut

    Must try the Shrimp Gumbo & Grit Cake!!!
  • Abinesh R

    Grilled salmon plate is my favorite here... don't forget to make it snappy and get a side of beans.. yummy !
  • Crystal Hicks

    Every Wednesday is all u can get fish
  • Karly K

    grilled tilapia... yum
  • Angela Harrison

    The fried catfish is off the chain!!!!
  • John Perkins

    I had never tried the Fish Tacos before. On a menu chucked full of good eats, the grilled Tillapia Fish Tacos are not to be missed.
  • Keith Carter

    Fish tacos!!
  • David Hall

    Get here early on Friday nights.
  • John Keller

    Get the grilled BBQ shrimp! Make it snappy. Awesome
  • DuNoiss DuShaunt

    Amazing catfish!
  • Robie Brooks

    Awesome Fish,, miss southern cookin!
  • Michael Caldwell

    Tartar sauce on everything! It is the best!
  • Shanikia Williams

    Smells great I'm going to watch my friends eat
  • Sarah Trevethan

    Can't beat the catfish!
  • Jeremy Griffith

    This is quality seafood. I know I live next to a beach
  • Rich Haynie

    Great stop even if you want something light. Get the Crawfish any way they have them.
  • Melissa Elmore

    This is the place eat I love the catfizh here
  • Terrance Griffin

    Simply amazing!
  • Renee Robison

    Fish tacos! Got to try them !
  • Michael Angelo Caruso

    Sit near the condiments. Great people watching!
  • Tony Butler

    Try the fried jalepenos! Only $2.99 and fantastic!!!
  • Chuck Bennett

    Good fish, good burger. Great lunch spot. And fish tacos.
  • Lisa Bridges

    Shrimp & fish - yum- Margaritas are good too
  • Tony Butler

    Try the Jalapeo chips! Only $2.99!!!
  • Dean Boykin

    The ladies at Curran Hall were right. The hush puppies are like cake !
  • Jeff LeMaster

    Happy National Catfish Day! - June 25, 2012
  • Rhen Wilson

    All you can eat catfish on Wednesday!
  • Nicholas Langevin

    Order the Fish Tacos. Make it Snappy.
  • Bill Hendrix

    Great food--had the frog legs and they were fantastic! Enjoyed the atmosphere. Well worth a visit.
  • Wade Austin

    Try the fish tacos
  • Wade Austin

    Fish Tacos FTW
  • Kelly Niccum

    Don't get the bbq shrimp poor boy...or the fried shrimp poorboy unless you like your shrimp smashed flat and dredged through gritty cornmeal
  • Amanda Rials

    I haven't had anything bad yet! Grilled fish and veggies are awesome too!
  • Bruce Brown

    Other reviewer said overrated and over priced. I don't think so! Seemed quite reasonable.
  • O. Vanin

    Make it Snappy!
  • JB Broussard

    Great crawfish chowder & Cole slaw! Fantastic blues playing in background too
  • Arelia Jones

    Indulge and only order what's fried. Grilled plates take forever.
  • Marquita Rogers

    Love the fish tacos!!!!
  • Ken Sanders

    Gumbo and Grits = amazing. Make it snappy! Can't go wrong with Po' Boy either
  • Charles Ewing

    Best seafood in town!!!
  • Dylan Wright

    Be prepared to wait on Fridays in March. Lent Central
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