Address: 917 Broadway St
Phone: (501) 374-3044
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Category: Coffee Shop
Check Ins: 7138


  • Laura Kelty

    If you steal our tip jar, I will find you myself.
  • TJ Lavelle

    Great friendly people here!!
  • Ashli Ahrens

    Always use a Starbucks card for drink purchases b/c you get free syrups and other mix-ins. Check out benefits of being a gift-card holder if you're a coffee junkie like me.
  • Jeremy Haggard

    Agree with Ashley - the Starbucks Rewards program is worth it. If you're buying multiple drinks though, put them on separate orders or only one drink will count toward your rewards.
  • Laura Kelty

    If you have a big order, don't go to the Drive-Thru...we can get it done more efficiently inside the lobby!
  • Nathan Miller

    Look for Santa behind the counter.
  • John Crouse

    Greatest staff ever.....
  • B

    Slow drive thru?...or slowest drive thru?
  • AT&T

    You can log on to AT&T Wi-Fi at this Starbucks. Its free, and they also offer great local content on their Starbucks Digital Network.
  • John Crouse

    Great friendly staff.....Laura rocks the drive through.....
  • David Gerstein

    This is the worst Starbucks I've ever been to. Staff is completely incompetent. Ridiculously slow service.
  • Jer M

    Great service, however, I got hit on by a tranny here last week. Beware of sketch.
  • Jer M

    Sharon is a delight in the morning!
  • John Crouse

    Venti Mocha Lite Frap with a Double Shot. ...Heaven in a Cup. ...
  • Laura Kelty

  • Jer M

    Treat receipts! For the true addict.
  • Anna Swaim

    Save your foil bag when you buy Starbucks coffee at the store and redeem it for a free TALL brewed coffee.
  • Thomas E Redd Jr

    The 'Morning Roll' is great - a cinnamon roll without the icing!
  • Dianne Hocut

    Try the 4 Splenda Latte With Whip On Top
  • B

    If a customer asks what's in the pastry case, "Just about everything" is NOT an acceptable answer.
  • Jason Shivers

    Download the app. Order and PAY BEFORE you get there!
  • John Crouse

    Great stuff...good coffee
  • John Crouse

    Great staff.....
  • Nathan Miller

    Check out Scott's new hair do!
  • heyITguy

    luvin da Peppermint Mocha
  • Jesse Medford

    Comfortable seating, but the patrons dont seem to use their indoor voices, more so than at other nearby Starbucks. Sometimes bums will come in & sit down, stinking up the area. But I keep coming back!
  • Charles Prescott

    Standard starbucks. Arkansas doesn't have a mug.
  • Starbucks

    Looking to try something unique? Try one of our Reserve Coffees. Our Brazil Bourbon Rio Verde is a beautifully balanced cup with notes of plum and chocolate.
  • Omar Alonso

    Great friendly guys in the mornings!
  • Nancy Osborne

    Very nice people!!!!
  • Sunny Roller

    Love this location!
  • Katie Bixler

    The hot chocolate is the way to go, but if you are a coffee lover I would go for the latte with extra foam.
  • Dianne Hocut

    Follow arrows in parking lot so u don't block cars !!
  • Cobris

    Use the well if you often forget your card.
  • Cache Carter

    The staff at this store refer to it as "Hoodbux"...I know because I use to work here :)
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: The name Starbucks comes from the first mate aboard the Pequod, Starbuck, who is a character from the iconic American novel Moby Dick.
  • Leah Cole

    Always friendly, but drinks are real hit or miss
  • Juli S

    Best Starbucks in LR!! But I do miss Laura.
  • Sandra Navarrete

    This is the loudest Starbucks I've been in. Coffee took forever and the place was almost empty.
  • Willie Bigs

    The coffee is even more bitter and the staff has become less attentive.
  • H C

    Tasty coffee
  • Lennon Parker

    Great people and wondeful coffee :)
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