University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS)

Address: 4301 W Markham St
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Category: Medical School
Check Ins: 6190


  • Lannie Byrd

    Find maps and directions for UAMS at
  • Eric Lambert

    The key word in Emergency Room is EMERGENCY.
  • Tim O'Neil

    The quesadillas at doc Java are legit
  • Becci Broadbent

    4-H ICU is the best! The staff rocks!
  • Ryan Price

    One of the best hospitals in the LR Metro area.
  • Amy Musgrave McGavran

    Doc java's ham and provolone sandwich (I substitute turkey instead of ham) is amazing!!!!!!! I crave this sandwich!
  • Neal

    15 minute free parking at outpatient services
  • Terry Wilson

    This place is the best medical experience I've ever had been going here now for 2 years. The staff is always friendly.
  • Sara Schaffhauser

    The cafeteria has awesome nachos that you get to customize. Easily the best thing on the menu!
  • Phyllis Redmon

    Everyone here is so friendly, they are taking good care of my husband, I like the fact that there are all single rooms and he does not have to share a room.
  • Tim Hose

    The pizza was not fresh, and I didn't see a single petting zoo. :(
  • Gregory Hawk

    A smile goes a long way here!
  • Sarai Brock

    There is no infant room... The children room is terrible for little babies... Nowhere to nurse, no changing table, no trashcan, the tv is on cartoon network & so loud you can't think... use the lobby.
  • Baturay Daylak

    Use complimentary parking stamps on clinic information desks to cover your parking fees. Stamp the back side of your parking ticket and you are done.
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: UAMS has five undergraduate colleges or academic units.
  • Dianne Hocut

    First 30 minutes are free in parking lot 2 or get in and out in 30 minutes and no pay.
  • Randy Layman

    Great hospit
  • Becci Broadbent

    Cafe in Carti wing is good!
  • Tasha Batt

    Thursdays are baked potato day at the Lobby Cafe. Amazing as long as you say no broccoli slaw! Enjoy!
  • Wendy Ferguson

    Close to the mall!!!!
  • Jim Hafer

    Bacon and eggs for $1.35. Single portion around 3 eggs
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