Midtown Billiards

Address: 1316 Main St
Phone: (501) 372-9990
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Category: Pool Hall
Check Ins: 4033


  • Esquire

    Congratulations, you've found one of Esquire's Best Bars in America. Get a hamburger, coated so thickly with spices and so indulgent at 3:00 a.m. you'll see eyes rolling back in ecstasy.
  • Dustin C

    Eat the burgers after midnight.
  • Antoine Seyer

    Don't poop.
  • Antoine Seyer

    Conan makes the best Bloody Marys!
  • Loryn Smith

    Don't give Nola and Mel shit, they rock harder than you!
  • Caitlin Marshall

    The go-to place during the week when you aren't ready to go home past 2am...and if you're hungry!
  • Kristi Crow

    watch out for nola, she bites!
  • Antoine Seyer

    You don't work here. Get out!
  • Antoine Seyer

    I didn't take my own advice. I pooped.
  • Adrian Brigman

    Go to the bathroom for no friggen reason...stay for two minutes and walk out hyper as hell!!!!!
  • Christy Ewing

    burger w/ pepperjack & no onions please.
  • Tim Mcgugin

    Best fucking hangout in America! Fuck, honestly best bar I've ever been to... And I've been drunk in 127 different countries and banned in 52. -eviluncletimmy
  • Antoine Seyer

    Tip on your fucking To-Go burgers! Actually just tip PERIOD. Should go without saying.
  • Dave Richmond

    Do you believe in miracles?
  • BJ Fogleman

    One of the few bars in the area that still allow smoking. But they're open late (till 5 am) and have a killer burger. Definitely worth the late night trip.
  • Brent Rowley

  • Steve Sauer

    Dig the arrowheads out of the burger meat before you eat it, and keep your eyes on your car if you don't want it broken into. And don't smoke drugs! This is your mother speaking.
  • Andrew DeMillo

    Best late-night drinking spot in Little Rock, plus the best burger in town. Be sure to check out bottle toss on Thursday nights.
  • Jay Williams

    Use lots of hand sanitizer.
  • ScioniQCity

    Raise your City iQ: On October 2nd, 2011 Midtown held it's fourth annual Fish Fry.
  • Amy Darling

    Don't sit.
  • Adrian Brigman

    Hock a lugie on the vagaygay!!!!
  • Mitch Hale

    Get a Burger!!!and tell Conan and Brannon What up!!
  • Johnna Hjersman

    Open late. Friendly staff. Interesting/diverse crowd. Fun bathroom graffiti. Great music on Mondays. Oh, and some bangin' burgers. Duh.
  • Ashleigh Elizabeth

    Best dive in Little Rock! Conan and Thomas are the best! Get a cheeseburger and a spam egg and cheese sandwich... You'll thank me
  • Keith Carter

    Try the sea salt ice cream
  • Amy Darling

    Don't smoke the crack.
  • Jimm Powell

    Awe shucks you suck!
  • Jason Fooks

    Burgers past 2am. Super Dank. Enjoy!
  • Luke Morris

    Open until 5 a.m. You have as long as you need to get shmammered. Have a burger. They're amazing.
  • Senor Verde'

    Don't forget to purchase your cigarettes at our cigarette machine - cnote, doc, & green
  • Senor Verde'

    Classic midtown
  • Justin Barnes

    Eat a burger. Go on Thursday's at 7 for bottle toss.
  • Lawrence Pickard Jr.

    If you want the Midtown experience but not all the smoke and disappointment, come for Happy Hour!
  • Kristen G

    This is pretty much the worst thing that ever happened to me
  • Johnna Hjersman

    Bloody mary. PBR. Burgers. Drunk.
  • Joseph Cortez

    The bacon cheese burger is great! I know I'm fat!!!
  • Andy Lewis

    Coors Original, banquet beer, $1.50 all day, ere day. Come before 11PM & LJ will take care of you.
  • Dive Bar Shirt Club

    Midtown Billiards!
  • Jarrod Johnson

    Delicious at 3:00 a.m.
  • Donna Nix

    If you're here after midnight, everything good happens because here we are, we all get it, or else we wouldn't be where we are (here).
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