Dickinson Theaters Chenal 9 IMAX

Address: 17825 Chenal Pkwy
Phone: (501) 821-2616
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Category: Multiplex
Check Ins: 4476


  • Carly Garner

    This theatre has the only IMAX in the state of Arkansas. The "IMAX" by the airport is only an IMAX in the sense that they show IMAX movies but they do not have an IMAX screen or projector.
  • Patrick Wright

    Don't go to see another movie OTHER than HP you STILL have to wait. Bastards.
  • Cheri Rolett

    $5 between 4:00-5:00pm only.
  • Robert Balentine

    This theater has gone downhill. Movies don't start on time and they don't bother to fix simple things like keystoning the picture when it does start. Go to the rave instead, much better organized.
  • Cheri Rolett

    $5 Mon-Fri and a large popcorn and large drink for $5.47!
  • R.J. B.

    Don't believe the earlier tip about being true IMAX. This is not real IMAX. It is IMAX digital. Yes it is bigger and has better sound. True IMAX is about 8 stories tall and uses 70mm film.
  • Dustin Hartung

    Go here for the IMAX movies, go to the Rave for everything else.....
  • Nirmal Ranganathan

    Only IMAX in town be there early to get a nice seat. Look for the booster seats, have much more clearance.
  • Amy Musser

    Not a good theater. Tried to see 2 movies and both times something went wrong. Save your receipt to get your money back.
  • F. John Rickert

    As the newest theater in town it is the nicest. It is also super quiet during the day.
  • John

    IMAX is great!
  • Terry Wilson

    It was okay!
  • Benjamin Prousnitzer

    Between 4-5 is $5.00 and 3-d is $8.00 excludes Sony films
  • Austin Gwin

    Get here early if you want your tickets, otherwise you're gonna be waiting in a line that goes out the door
  • Heather Nabers

    Best movie theater in Little Rock.
  • Trish Poore

    go to a movie any day between 4 and 5 --- tickets are $5.00 --- great deal!
  • Joe Ison

    Aside from the fact that the Aerospace IMAX is now closed, the first tip by Carly G. is blatantly false.
  • David Hudson

    An old man told me there's a bathroom on the second floor that no one uses. Might be pretty nice right after a movie gets out :)
  • Chris Boggs

    Disappointed in Chenal 9. Waited 20 min to find out a movie was already sold out. They could have had a manager out front or at least updated the marquee.
  • IBe MrsBanks

    wouldnt mind workin here
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